How to Use Family Photoloom with New FamilySearch

Family Photoloom is paving the way for a new generation of "image-enriched genealogy." Purposefully designed for family historians, Family Photoloom is the easiest, most effective way to organize your images and other data around your genealogy.

 With Family Photoloom, you can:
  • Link pictures to your family history
  • Tag faces & source documents
  • Import New FamilySearch data
  • Create Heirloom-quality charts
  • Cross-Index Family Relationships
  • Archive & share images over the Internet
Family Photoloom makes it simple, fast, and fun to bring your photos and family history together. There is no software to install or upgrade - Family Photoloom runs directly from your browser.

Watch our New FamilySearch Quick-start video.

 Register for your FREE Family Photoloom account now:
1. Click Register here or in the dropdown menu above under "Start".
2. Enter the information requested.
3. Press the Create Account button.

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To get use New FamilySearch with Family Photoloom, you must be both a Family Photoloom Member and a registered New FamilySearch user.


Step 1: Authenticate with New FamilySearch
    After logging into your Family Photoloom account, click the “New FamilySearch | Sign In” button that appears at the top of the screen. New FamilySearch will open a new browser window, allowing you to authenticate with New FamilySearch. If this window does not appear, check your browser’s pop-up blocker settings.

    Enter your New FamilySearch Username and Password. Note that Family Photoloom only receives a temporary authentication for your account. We never see or store your New FamilySearch credentials.

    NOTE: For quick re-authentication later, you may want to let your browser remember your password for later. Your browser will then auto-fill these fields the next time you visit this page. This is not recommended for public computers, such as in a Library, but is very convenient for your own personal computer.
    By creating portraits you are identifying where people and things are within your picture collection. You can identify this person or object in other pictures by dragging the record onto other pictures.

Step 2:
    Import information from New FamilySearch. Notice that a small Blue FamilySearch Tree icon appears next to the owner’s picture in the left side “Records” list. This indicates that a New FamilySearch ID has been associated with this record.

    Click on the Blue Tree icon to import the immediate family for this individual from New FamilySearch.
    The main view will change to the “Relationships View,” and you will see the individuals and
    relationships that were imported from New FamilySearch.

    To import additional family members, simply click on the Blue Tree button to import additional immediate family from New FamilySearch.


You can switch back and forth between the “Relationships” View and the “Pictures” view by clicking the tab in the upper right corner of the main view screen.  Once a record is created, it can be dragged onto a group picture to create a portrait. (See the screenshot above.)  You can create an unlimited number of portraits.

To tag a face in a picture, click and drag the record over the face of the person in the picture. After a portrait is created, its location and size can be adjusted by clicking and dragging the portrait or its edges or corners.

Pretty soon you’ll have something looking like this:

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